Tuscan Real Wood Flooring

  Tuscan Flooring Collection

With our newly expanded offer, there are even more beautiful species and colours to choose including Tuscan VintageTuscan Grand√©EliteEngineeredHerringbone,Multiply and solid wood flooring. From dark to light tones, hand crafted finishes to matt and polished lacquers, and from contemporary to classic species, plus some very fashionable new whitewashed effects, Tuscan gives you the design freedom to make your very own style statement.Environmentally Friendly Tuscan is much more than a beautiful wood floor. It also comes with first class environmental credentials. The engineered range carries FSC® certification, the internationally recognised standard which guarantees the timber is harvested from responsibly managed forests.

Sub Categories
Tuscan Real Wood Flooring
Tuscan 1 Strip family oak White Washed & Lacquered TF103
£47.49 M2
(Inc £157.86)
Tuscan Engineered 1 strip Family Oak UV oiled & bevelled TF102
£48.32 M2
(Inc £160.63)
Tuscan Engineered Natural Oak 1 Strip TF100
£43.32 M2
(Inc £144.01)
Tuscan Vintage Classic Natural TF200
£44.99 M2
(Inc £155.50)
Tuscan Vintage Classic Oak Light Smoked Matt Lacquered TF201
£48.33 M2
(Inc £167.02)
Tuscan Vintage Classic Oak Dark Smoked enhanced Handscraped TF202
£54.16 M2
(Inc £187.18)
Tuscan Vintage Classic Light Smoked TF203
£54.16 M2
(Inc £187.18)
Tuscan Grande Natural Oak TF300
£69.16 M2
(Inc £160.18)
Tuscan Grande Dark Smoked Oak TF301
£69.16 M2
(Inc £160.18)
Tuscan Grande Rustic Oak TF310
£58.33 M2
(Inc £135.08)
Tuscan Grande White Smoked Oak TF311
£54.16 M2
(Inc £93.59)
Tuscan Engineered Family Oak 4V Brushed matt Lacquered TF104
£49.16 M2
(Inc £163.40)
Tuscan Engineered 3 Strip family Oak TF106
£38.32 M2
(Inc £108.08)
Tuscan Engineered County Grey Washed Oak 4V TF108
£46.66 M2
(Inc £155.09)
Tuscan Engineered Country Bleached Oak TF109
£46.66 M2
(Inc £155.09)
Tuscan Engineered American Walnut TF110
£55.99 M2
(Inc £81.97)
Tuscan Engineered Herringbone Smoked Oak & black stained TF30
£52.50 M2
(Inc £56.26)
Tuscan Herringbone Smoked Oak TF31
£52.50 M2
(Inc £56.26)
Tuscan Multiply Engineered Rustic Golden Oak TF21
£40.83 M2
(Inc £107.78)
Tuscan Multiply Engineered Rusic oak brushed UV Oil TF23
£39.99 M2
(Inc £110.86)
Tuscan Multiply Engineered Rustic Brushed UV Oil 20mm TF22
£52.49 M2
(Inc £113.39)
Tuscan Multiply Engineered Flat Sanded Oak Lacq TF20
£38.33 M2
(Inc £101.18)
Tuscan Forte Toffee TF516
£38.95 M2
(Inc £67.31)